My Flash Presentation

The lack of information on the internet has created an opportunity for me to create a new approach and way to inform people of a little history on the Ganguro. Most especially the reason as to why most Japanese girls became a Ganguro.

LINK TO MY FLASH CREATION (I have converted this into an avi. file so that there is no problem for everyone to view).


Click here to view or click the link <>

The flash presentation begins with Ayuka a Japanese character that I have created, walking down the hallways at school. As she walks pass dressed inappropriately, two students walk pass her, on imaging herself like Ayuka who is a Ganguro, and the other girl confused as to why Ayuka is acting and dressed in that manner. What I wanted to do in this scene was to depict how Ganguros act in public and the kind of people who judge and admire them.

The Second scene was to show the roots of how Ayuka came to be. You can see in the beginning on the left hand side there are speech bubbles that depict different things that Ayuka was not allowed to do or have, for eg. mobile phone, boots etc. Because it goes against a sensitive and traditional Japanese girl. You will then see Ayuka rebelling and changing her clothes and her skin.

The third scene, is to show how Ganguro culture is a mixture of Hip hop culture as well. Not only for the imitation of the black skin, but also the dress sense and attitude.

I hope you enjoy it!!!


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