East Meets West

goes west

Now here is an opportunity to create my own website that profiles youth culture.  I would document how contemporary media such as facebook and youtube have allowed for the globalisation of different cultures. I would also include my own created graphics such as animation, character design and also my own photography. Today’s blog will be short but memorable. I have attached a picture of two non-westerners from America trying to be a Ganguro. Here is the evident spread of the culture. I have also attached humours links of the spread of the culture.


The girl is of European background and she is teaching people how to look like a Ganguro. I am pretty sure even the Ganguro watch this video for inspiration on their next make up design. What I found was sort of a merge between what we would call an ‘Emo’ in Australia and a Ganguro in Japan. Here is the link

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1ShaKmW4aM&feature=related>

UK teens obsessed with Japanese trend (MUST SEE)!!

Here is another must see video, of how Ganguro style is taking over the Uk. If I had my own magazine, WEST imitation of the Ganguro would always be in the front cover.

< http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/video_and_audio/8132818.stm> and http://www.selftanningqueen.com/?p=980


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