Listed below are the three types of contemporary medias I would like to focus on.

1. The Egg Magazine

2. Youtube

3. Facebook


The magazine ‘EGG’ have said to have had a direct influence on the Ganguro Egg is a style magazine for gyaru fashion, distributed in Japan. It features photos of ganguro girls and synopses about what they like or a popular trend. Egg also usually has photos of the newest fashions, where to buy them, latest hairstyles, cell phones, and make up tips. It also has candid photos of ganguro girls on the streets of Japan

The focus of Egg magazine is largely on teenage girls who seek ways to be sexy and cute in the gyaru style. Images will often feature girls with blonde dyed hair or wigs, overt makeup, nail decorations, and mini-skirts. The look is almost exclusively for teens, with most of the shops catering to the style existing in Shibuya 109 and its surrounding teen-centric shopping district.

I loved their motto ” The platform for creativity” ! To read more, click on the website and read the ‘ About Us’ page.


Click here to visit their website  <>


Facebook is a social networking website that connects friends and future friends from all over the world. Users are able to comment, share picture, share videos and play games with each other. I found a group site, and fan site for the Ganguro on facebook, which was interesting because a lot of the fans are actually non- Japanese who aspire to be a Ganguro. Facebook has revolutionized and help spread the culture globally. As a facebook member, I can join to this group and share information with friends and other members of this group. I have the opportunity to contact Ganguro members and ask questions for my future graphic designs and articles that I would write.

Click here to visit the facebook site  <>

The Egg magazine have joined facebook.This means that fans and members are able to share ideas and perceptions about different things like make up and clothing etc. Because the youth of the world are more into reading blogs and reading online materials rather than books, I think the Egg magazines content being available on facebook is a very good idea.  Here check it out.

Click here to visit the Wesbite <


I was looking through the videos on you tube about Ganguro, and what I found so interesting was, how many Westerners have post under the title Ganguro. Many of the videos consists of them trying to be a Ganguro.


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